Gly Solutions, LLC

We are a family owned firm offering process consulting for business and nonprofit enterprises. We offer large group facilitation, strategic planning, and related services at affordable rates. References and consultant resume are available upon request.

Gly Solutions, LLC

Dr. Tonya Henderson Wakefield
Colorado Springs, CO, USA
719 - 445 - 8797 (W)
719 - 440 - 7067 (C)


Gly solutions provides quality, affordable process consulting, facilitation, strategic planning, and related services using a blend of accepted methods and new, innovative tools. We are committed to enabling the success of improvement-oriented people and fostering adaptability and resilience in our clients' organizations.

Glyvelle Henderson

Gly was a dedicated wife and mother of four. She was adventurous, loyal and dedicated to the success of those she loved. She had a way of providing just the right advice at the right time. It is in that spirit that we dedicate this company to her memory and pledge to provide quality Process Consulting and visualization tools at reasonable prices.